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Sustainability Consulting


What are the features of the building of the future? The answer sounds simple enough: It focuses on people and the environment. However, this throws up a number of requirements that are quite not so simple to implement. Such a building needs to be networked, self-sufficient, flexible, made of recyclable materials, healthy, energy-efficient and carbon-neutral. But in the end, the decisive factor is that these features have a positive impact on the overall economic balance sheet for the properties.


Real Estate Consulting


The building itself generally only functions as a kind of wrapping, or as the infrastructure needed to facilitate and support the actual core business.  This is true for both large corporates and manufacturing SMEs. But it can be done differently. Portfolio flexibility, cost optimization, digitization, location development, new work environments, and sustainability are just some of the challenges in the field of professional Corporate Real Estate Management.


Project Preparation


The first phase in a project basically decides its future. Each mistake that is made at this point can only be corrected with cosmetic changes at a later point. Only the right strategy will lead to a good or very good project, whether it involves user processes or a planning idea, project organization or the selection of the right people, for a planning procedure or an award model. But making the wrong fundamental decision can have disastrous consequences. For that reason, in-depth experience available of processes, planning, and construction is important at an early stage if the principal is to be provided with the best advice.


Workplace Consulting


With many construction projects, the initial focus is only on the architecture and the technical implementation. Users’ concerns, on the other hand, are often enquired about too late in many cases, if indeed at all. Besides this, megatrends like globalization, digitization, individualization, mobility, urbanization, and the knowledge economy are all bringing fundamental changes to the work environment. Modern work therefore requires flexible structures, and further development of the existing workplace typologies.










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About us

Due to the complex interdependencies in today’s real estate market, it is virtually impossible to separate organizational and management aspects from economic and strategic issues. Far-sighted decisions therefore necessitate a perspective that takes into account all of the issues.

REINALD CAPITAL meets this requirement with a targeted combination of management and analitical skills on the one hand, and commercial and business expertise on the other.

     Transparency and in-depth knowledge about the properties     in question form the basis for a successful transaction –irrespective of whether you are buying or selling land or property. With the help of tried and tested methods, and the use of reliable statistics, our Legal and Commercial Due Diligence service allows you to carry out a concrete assessment of the qualities, illustrate risks and deal breakers and potential ways of increasing value, while in the process securing the return from your investment.


     Following signing of the contract, we secure the purchase of project developments for you with Project Controlling over the course of the project. The focus here is on the contractually agreed quality (building work performance specifications), as well as on transparency in terms of the deadlines to be met, and achieving clarity over cost-related project events.


     Financial controlling over the course of the project, in combination with an upstream project analysis, allows us to create security and transparency before the signing of the credit agreement, while also protecting ongoing financing for the investor concerned.


     In addition, as part of our Transaction Management service, we support vendors by initiating and holding a structured sales process.


     A sound profitability analysis forms the basis for the valuation and management of properties. Using static and dynamic methods, REINALD CAPITAL experts assist clients with protecting improvements to existing buildings, project developments, and purchase and sale decisions. The focus is on identifying the most suitable action strategy for the particular company’s situation.


     In the field of valuation, the focus is on property valuation using national and international valuation methods, as well as on property value analysis, which facilitates value-oriented portfolio management by comparing market prices and book values.


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