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Achieving the targets you have set

The first phase in a project basically decides its future. Each mistake that is made at this point can only be corrected with cosmetic changes at a later point.


Only the right strategy will lead to a good or very good project, whether it involves user processes or a planning idea, project organization or the selection of the right people, for a planning procedure or an award model. But making the wrong fundamental decision can have disastrous consequences.


For that reason, in-depth experience available of processes, planning, and construction is important at an early stage if the principal is to be provided with the best advice. What is more, this phase in particular should not be affected by time pressures or unresolved problems relating to core processes or business models.


Accordingly, our experts first conduct an analysis of your site and draw up a project appraisal. We investigate whether the program can be implemented within the envisaged objectives (costs, schedules, quality) in the form of a feasibility study. Following on from this, an architectural competition can be organized.


Beginning with a coordinated definition of targets for program areas, quality, costs, and schedules, our consultants develop a project strategy and advise you on the potential use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and on the implications for project organization if it is used.


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