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As a professional ‘temporary’ project department, Reinald Capital support you over the duration of a construction project by taking on whatever tasks can be delegated. Our skills and experience help protect you against any unwelcome surprises.


On the one hand, our project control services offer the client professional support with the key issues of schedules, costs and quality, as well as providing assistance on organizational matters. At the same time, the client’s representatives retain the managing function.


In contrast, with Project Management, Reinald Capital takes over the management function from the principal vis-à-vis the project participants. The principal generally transfers the delegable functions normally performed by him or herself. In most instances, this option is used with more complex projects, or with principals who either do not possess the requisite management expertise, or do not have sufficient capacity.


With the Project Management Office (PMO) service, we work in integrated teams in collaboration with the client, assuming responsibility for higher-level control and reporting for overall project execution.


We control planning using what are known as agile planning processes, while in the process maintaining a strict focus on profitability, and using value engineering to find the best solutions. We keep costs and schedules down through rigorous controlling, yet always ensuring that quality standards are maintained.


Since despite every effort, not everything will be implemented perfectly, we track any defects using specialized software, making sure that construction management and the contracting companies rectify any shortcomings promptly.


+27 213002575

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