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Further development of the existing workplace typologies

With many construction projects, the initial focus is only on the architecture and the technical implementation. Users’ concerns, on the other hand, are often enquired about too late in many cases, if indeed at all. Besides this, megatrends like globalization, digitization, individualization, mobility, urbanization, and the knowledge economy are all bringing fundamental changes to the work environment. Modern work therefore requires flexible structures, and further development of the existing workplace typologies.


Change Management is an important success factor in your projects. With efficient communication, experience, and the use of change tools, we achieve user acceptance, overcome reservations and objections, and grow the rational and emotional engagement for the changes required.


Lively communication provides security for your employees, creates an identity and the feeling of belonging, and assists your change process. To secure young talent and enhance the emotional ties of your employees to your company, we want to make your brand tangible. We develop your new working world from the brand values, while taking care not to neglect issues such as functional use, needs-based infrastructure, and IT. We find future-oriented design solutions for you that are independent and non-system specific, and realize these in either a new or existing building.


+27 213002575

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